Wednesday, July 26, 2017

For Grandma

When I grow up, I want to be just like Grandma O’Toole –
                                Very classy and unbelievably cool.
I want to have that nice grandma style -
                                Wear comfy loafers and a grandmotherly smile.
I’ll know how to make things like dirt taste swell.
                                I’ll always have guests because of the wonderful smell.
And if, while raising my children, I employ the frying pan,
                                I’ll be so sweet, no one will believe my mischievous plan.

When I grow up, I want to be just like my grandmother.
                                I’ll cherish my husband above any other.
If he, by mistake, orders play-dough ice cream,
                                I’ll quietly switch it for Pralines and Cream.
I’ll keep him well fed and properly dressed
                                And I’ll beat him at cribbage to keep him impressed.
We’ll grow old together in sickness and health,
                                And our family will bless us much greater than wealth.

When someday I’m grown, I hope I will be
                                As thoughtful and loving and gracious as she.
I hope my family will know they made me complete,
                                Each member so valued, so loved, so unique.
I hope I can show them in my words and my deeds
                                That nothing means more than what my family needs.
I hope they remember the fun times we shared
                                And then be reminded that I truly cared.

If I’m ever going to be a woman such as Lael,
                                I must begin now and not worry I’ll fail.
She built her family by bit and by measure,
                                Never taking her mind from building her treasure.
She taught us to enjoy, uplift, and support
                                So, when life gets too hard, the love isn’t short.
She may be gone for now, but her legacy has not departed.
                                One day we’ll tell her the rest of the story she started.

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