Wednesday, July 26, 2017

For Grandma

When I grow up, I want to be just like Grandma O’Toole –
                                Very classy and unbelievably cool.
I want to have that nice grandma style -
                                Wear comfy loafers and a grandmotherly smile.
I’ll know how to make things like dirt taste swell.
                                I’ll always have guests because of the wonderful smell.
And if, while raising my children, I employ the frying pan,
                                I’ll be so sweet, no one will believe my mischievous plan.

When I grow up, I want to be just like my grandmother.
                                I’ll cherish my husband above any other.
If he, by mistake, orders play-dough ice cream,
                                I’ll quietly switch it for Pralines and Cream.
I’ll keep him well fed and properly dressed
                                And I’ll beat him at cribbage to keep him impressed.
We’ll grow old together in sickness and health,
                                And our family will bless us much greater than wealth.

When someday I’m grown, I hope I will be
                                As thoughtful and loving and gracious as she.
I hope my family will know they made me complete,
                                Each member so valued, so loved, so unique.
I hope I can show them in my words and my deeds
                                That nothing means more than what my family needs.
I hope they remember the fun times we shared
                                And then be reminded that I truly cared.

If I’m ever going to be a woman such as Lael,
                                I must begin now and not worry I’ll fail.
She built her family by bit and by measure,
                                Never taking her mind from building her treasure.
She taught us to enjoy, uplift, and support
                                So, when life gets too hard, the love isn’t short.
She may be gone for now, but her legacy has not departed.
                                One day we’ll tell her the rest of the story she started.

Monday, May 16, 2016

My Angel Muffin

My little "Angel Muffin" is 4 months old! I think its clear from all the pictures that we are absolutely OBSESSED!
Her happy little spirit has filled our hearts with joy and love!
The last couple weeks have been a time of reflection and gratitude for me. April 30th marked a year from the day I found out I was expecting. I can still feel the excitement and relief I had on that quiet night. I still remember my tear filled prayer of gratitude.
Then on the 7th Liza turned 4 months! How did it happen?! No - seriously - I remember being 3 days past my due date and thinking she was never going to be in my arms. Perspective is a funny thing. I've been thinking a lot about perspective as well as I have struggled beyond anything I ever imagined with postpartum depression. It's a real thing and it can be quite crushing. I guess that's another reason I can't quite believe she's 4 months - I spent so much of the last 3 months just trying to make it through the day and missing a lot of her sweetness. And, you guys, she is so SO sweet!
With last Sunday being Mother's Day, I had the opportunity to reflect on motherhood and I thought a lot about how it fits in with all of my other relationships. I thought of how Heavenly Father must feel about motherhood, and I hope He is pleased with my efforts to take care of these magnificent beings He has placed in my care. I thought of my marriage and how amazing it is that these tiny humans are our creation. I get to share my most precious treasure with my best friend and the one that I love with all of my heart.

I have so many pictures of the last 4 months to share:

 No one is more excited to have her in our lives than her brother. He loves her greatly. I love how they bring smiles to each others faces! He can really get her laughing, which is hard work.

I love that Madi cried when she first held her, the emotions of being there for the delivery and holding a baby that new - it's such a raw and beautiful experience.

First day home. I should mention that I had her in a floral sleeper and immediately upon arriving home, she had her first blow out - really, the diaper was probably on crooked, but still!

My mom and Wylie had the door and the living decorated upon our arrival home from the hospital.

Here's that floral sleeper we brought her home in ^^^. So sad that she grew out of it so quickly!
Another outfit on her first day home because Aunt Madi loves to play dress up. All the O'Toole cousins together.

Great Grandma Jeppsen is no longer with us. I am so happy that she had a chance to meet sweet Baby Liza and that I was able to get some pictures.

I took the kids over to see my grandparents. They were so tickled to be able to hold Eliza. It made my heart so happy. 

Daddy's completely wrapped around her sweet, tiny finger.

Liza has a cousin, Layci, who is a month older than she. I hope they grow to be kindred spirits. Both of those little angels have their Uncle Brad wrapped around their tiny fingers.

Liza was a pro bumbo sitter by the time she was 2 months. She always wants to be sitting or standing.

Liza is super chill. We have been blessed with 2 very calm babies. From the get-go she has been a little hummer. Joe and I say she sounds like an accordion. She lets out soft and girly hums when she breaths out while she is sleeping. It is so sweet - a sound that now soothes me to sleep. She loves to make noise in general. She loves her family. She puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. She will try to nurse anyone and everything she can nuzzle up against. She is a chatter box - a LOUD one. She loves conversation, but is also happy to talk to herself. She uses her bottom lip as a pacifier and she cant seem to keep a pacifier in her mouth very long. She loves kisses. She's always happy though it is hard to make her laugh. Wylie can make her laugh more than anyone else. Her laugh is the cutest sound in the world, its soft and coo-y (that's a word right?!) She used to hate being thrown in the air, but now she is coming around to it. She thinks eating her feet is funny and she sings with Nana. We have so loved watching her learn to coo and use her hands. She is always so amazed by the things her tiny body can do.